Behind the Blog

Sarah // Mom. Wife. Learner. Biologist. Lover of all things nautical. Nomad. Disorganized overachiever. Dreamer. Goal maker. Reluctant schedule-follower. Restless soul. Thinker. Feeler. Skincare product junkie. Late bloomer. Aspiring photographer. Seeker of well-being. SoCal native. Wannabe do-it-yourself enthusiast. Stresser. Design addict. Introvert. Caffeine driven. Blogger. (And future PA! Starting July 2018.)

Mario // Husband. Son. Dad extraordinaire. Marketing guru. Outgoing. Motivated. Funniest person he knows. Hot tubber. Lover of technology, travel, and hot dogs. Foodie. Superhero. Wearer of orange. Endlessly talented. Social butterfly. The yin to my yang. Best friend.

Kiddo // Son. Smartypants. Trekky. Whovian. Artist. Skiier. Wordsmith. Roller hot dog enthusiast. Runner. Joke teller. Bookworm. Lego Brickmaster. Water baby. Robe-wearer. Memorizer. Towhead. Scientist. Creative. Button-pusher. Funniest kid ever. Soulmate. 

 Vista // Lion. Sleepyhead. Furball. Comedian. Friend. Comforter. Spunky. Incessant bather. Bed hog.

Also, please ask before reposting any photos or content. I'll probably say yes, but I'm a fan of good manners.

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