Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A blog is only as interesting...

as the interest shown in others.

Lee Odden

My blog was an island in its first 7-8 months. Then I figured out that behind every great blog is a great blogger. One of the first blogs that I stumbled across, and read, was Imprintalish. Her Loves on a Thursday linkup was the first I joined... and still adoreI love her honest take on parenting, time management, and the vortex blogging can become. Like me, she is okay admitting that life is a little messy. But she also appreciates the beautiful things that surround us. I love that.

Although I am drawn to the loveliness of those blogs with pristine photos, outfits, and immaculately dressed children, my life is just not that clean. And to pretend it is would take too much effort. Believe me, some days I wish everything was rainbows and butterflies and that I lived more effortlessly. But how many of us do, really?

In honor of her blog's 3rd anniversary, Lish is hosting an awesome giveaway... with three winners.
Happy Birthday, Friend!

~ 3 WINNERS ~ 
{all winners will be verified and randomly chosen through random.org}

Winner #1 will be taking these sweet items home...

Winner #2 will be taking this sweet package home...

And winner #3 will be the proud new owner of these fabulous items...


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  1. Such a great giveaway. :) I hope you have an amazing day dear friend!


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